Known Case Conference – Abdominal Radiographs

18 Jul

Patient data:  10-years-old, neutered male, DSH cat History: anorexia, vomiting, lethargy Technique:  abdominal radiographs

Known Case Conference – abdominal ultrasound

19 Dec

Patient data:  2-years-old, intact male, Pitbull History: cachectic, edema of the hindlimbs, the rDVM palpated an abdominal mass Technique:  abdominal US SPLEEN: LIVER:

Known Case Conference – Abdominal Ultrasound

27 Oct

Patient data: 10-months-old, intact female, Dobermann History: abdominal distension, depressed Technique: abdominal ultrasound

Known Case Conference – Abdominal Radiographs

20 Jun

Patient data: 12-year-old spayed female Boxer History: vomiting, weight loss Technique: abdominal radiographs        

Ruptured biliary mucocele

6 Jun

Patient data: 7-years-old, intact female, Pomeranian History: vomiting, abdominal pain Technique: abdominal ultrasound