Hepatic Encephalopathy

27 Jun

Patient data: 7-year-old spayed female Maltese History: seizures Technique: MRI of the brain  

GME of the optic nerve

4 Apr

Patient data: 5-year-old, male castrated Yorkshire Terrier History: blindness since 2 weeks.  Menace response, dazzle and plr reflexes negative. Technique: Low Field MRI of the brain TRA Spin Echo T1W pre and post contrast at the level of the optic chiasm. There is a space occupying lesion within the optic chiasm, more pronounced on its right … Continue reading GME of the optic nerve

Retrobulbar migrating foreign body

1 Mar

Patient data: 11-year-old female spayed, Rottweiler History: fever, exophthalmos, retrobulbar swelling (left eye) Technique: ultrasonographic examination of the left eye and MRI of the oculo-frontal region The ultrasonograhic examination of the left orbit shows retrobulbar soft tissues swelling with heterogeneous echogenicity, misshaped left eye and secondary exophthalmos. There is a well-defined hyperechoic linear structure within the retrobulbar space consistent with a … Continue reading Retrobulbar migrating foreign body