Known Case Conference – Thoracic radiographs

12 Sep

Patient data: 5-year-old, male, Pointer

History:  depressed, dyspnea. Blood work showed increased liver values and renal insufficiency.

Technique: thoracic radiographs

There is a severe increased opacity of the lung fields with decrease to loss of visualization of the lung vessels consistent with an unstructured interstitial to alveolar pattern. The alveolar component is visible at the periphery of the lung fields, in particular in the caudo-dorsal portions demonstrated by the presence of air bronchograms. The cardiovascular structures are normal and there is no evidence of thoracic lymphadenopathy.

In conclusion, changes are consistent with a diffuse interstitial to alveolar pattern. Based on the history provided, differentials include vasculitis, haemorrhages, non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema or, less likely, bronchopneumonia.

DIAGNOSIS: vasculitis/haemorrhages due to leptospirosis.



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