Known Case Conference – Thoracic Radiographs

30 Jul

Patient data: 6-year-old, male, German Shepherd

History:  depressed, anorexia and hyperthermia

Technique: thoracic radiographs


A space occupying soft tissue mass is detected in the left cranio-ventral thoracic region. The mass has partially defined margins, measures approximately 15 x 13 x 9 cm and displaces the trachea to the right sided, caudally the cardiac silhouette with secondary compression of the adjacent lung fields (decreased pulmonary volume). There is another round space occupying soft tissue lesion in the area of the right tracheo-bronchial lymph node. This lesion has well defined margins, measures approximately 5 cm in diameter and displaces abaxially the main cranial right bronchus with secondary compression. The rest of the study is within normal limits.

Left cranio-ventral thoracic mass most likely consistent with cranio-ventral mediastinal mass (primary thymic neoplasia, round cell tumor); a pulmonary mass is considered less likely. Right tracheo-bronchial lymphadenopathy most likely compatible with neoplastic/metastatic process.

Final diagnosis: lymphoma.

3 months radiographic follow-up post-chemotherapy.



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