Costal chondrosarcoma

28 Nov

Patient data: 10-years-old, intact male, English Setter History: right front limb lameness, soft tissue swelling right thoracic wall Technique: radiographic study of the thorax    

Known Case Conference – Abdominal Ultrasound

27 Oct

Patient data: 10-months-old, intact female, Dobermann History: abdominal distension, depressed Technique: abdominal ultrasound

Known Case Conference – Abdominal Radiographs

30 May

Patient data: 5-years-old, intact male, German Shepherd Dog History: hematuria Technique: abdominal radiographs  

Known Case Conference – Thoracic Radiographs

23 May

Patient data: 1-month-old, intact female, Dachshund History: dyspnea, progressively getting worst Technique: thoracic radiographs

Cervical foreign body

9 May

Patient data: 10-months-old, intact female, mixed-breed dog History: cervical soft tissue swelling, scialorrea, referred for suspected sialocele Technique: Computed Tomography Edema and soft tissue swelling of the cranio-ventral cervical soft tissues are detected.  The right medial retropharyngeal lymph node is moderately increased in size (shape and attenuation within normal limits). A fluid filled cavity is seen in … Continue reading Cervical foreign body